Top Takeaways from TAtech’s 2016 Conference and Expo

Top Takeaways from TAtech’s 2016 Conference and Expo

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If you didn’t have a chance to make it out to Las Vegas last week, then you missed out on this year’s TAtech Conference and Expo.

TAtech, formerly known as the International Association of Employment Websites (IAEWS), rebranded themselves near the end of last year to better serve the talent acquisition space. Their annual conference and expo draws talent acquisition professionals from across the country, many of whom are recruitment marketing technology providers, like ourselves.

A main focus of the conference is to “promote dialogue and understanding between TA technology companies and their customers,” and we’re excited to report that a lot of the feedback we received is in line with our mission of making it easy for companies to find great talent.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the top takeaways from TAtech’s 2016 Conference and Expo:

  • “Quality” Metrics Are King: When we say “quality” metrics, we’re not talking about how “good or bad” the metrics we provide are, we’re talking about providing metrics around the quality of your applicants and hires. Talent acquisition professionals are most concerned with the quality of their hire and understanding where they came from (source) and for how much (cost). But, if there’s one thing to takeaway from TAtech’s 2016 Conference and Expo, it’s that data-driven decisions should be based off metrics like quality-applicant volume and cost-per-quality-applicant--not off hire data alone, as it tends to tell an incomplete story.
  • Industry Collaboration Is A Must: When we began providing recruitment marketing analytics and automation solutions four years ago, the talent acquisition space was still in its infancy. Since then, the industry has exploded thanks in large part to advancements in technology. As such, it’s critical that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs), job boards, staffing agencies and other HR technology companies come together to provide the best experiences possible for job seekers. Doing so will allow all parties to achieve their goals and is necessary for the advancement of the space.
  • Programmatic Buying for Jobs is Here to Stay: Recruitics introduced the talent acquisition space to programmatic ad buying for jobs back in 2012 and one thing was clear: this was a technology that would take time to be adapted, but once it was embraced by the space, it would be here to stay. And that’s exactly what we saw in TAtech’s event last week. A number of the organizations and agencies we had the pleasure of meeting with are now focused on providing programmatic solutions to their clients and many of the conferences speaking slots, including ours, surrounded the topic. The rapid growth of this space serves as proof that companies who have not included programmatic technology in their recruitment marketing strategies are now behind.

TAtech’s Conference and Expo has become a must-attend event for the talent acquisition space. Their educational sessions have allowed important dialogues amongst talent acquisition leaders, and their Recruiting Service Industry awards have helped recognize best-in-class technologies in a space that’s still growing.

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