How has COVID-19 Impacted Talent Acquisition? 4 Key Trends to Watch

How has COVID-19 Impacted Talent Acquisition? 4 Key Trends to Watch

As a result of COVID-19, we are living and working in unprecedented times, and talent acquisition teams everywhere are having to adapt quickly. But how has this global pandemic specifically impacted talent acquisition and recruitment? 

At a high-level, due to the uncertainty of recent events, having a recruitment team that’s nimble and flexible is critical. It’s about anticipating what’s coming next, planning ahead as much as possible, and being quick to adapt as needed. 

Additionally, talent acquisition and recruitment teams are now being asked to “do more with less” more than ever before and in every aspect you can imagine. This is all about finding and improving efficiencies across the board - time, resources, processes, budgets, and more. 


In addition to  these high-level impacts that we’re seeing in the industry, we’ve noticed 4 key trending impacts of COVID-19 on talent acquisition and recruitment that you should be following since it will impact your strategy for moving forward. Let’s briefly review each of these trends.


The talent market has shifted. 

With high unemployment rates and social distancing orders, the candidate marketplace has completely changed from what it was a few months ago. There’s more talent out there seeking work, AND their media consumption and usage has changed drastically due to being at home. This means that recruitment marketing strategies have changed and will continue to change significantly as we move forward. 

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Remote work is booming. 

Although the trend in remote work had already been gaining popularity through recent years, due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders, we’re now seeing this remote work trend spike! There are more employees working home now than ever before. Not only does this open up your candidate pool to a wider network when looking to fill now-remote roles, but it also changes the entire landscape of the workforce. (Which brings us to our next trend…)


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Recruitment and hiring has gone virtual. 

Now that so many are working from home, the talent acquisition, recruitment and hiring processes have all transitioned to be more virtual. This is true from the top of the hiring funnel to the bottom, and even into onboarding, employee engagement, and more. That said, it’s time to consider your entire talent acquisition process and update, optimize and improve efficiencies for virtual recruiting wherever you can. 


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Employer branding and messaging is coming to the forefront. 

Previously, an organization’s consumer brand was often more well-known and externally-facing compared to their employer brand. However, that’s all changed. Throughout this pandemic, people cared most about how organizations were caring for their own people - their employees. Employer brands have taken strong and more public stances during this time, and messaging has had to be well-planned and changed constantly to keep up. Additionally, this has caused many employer brand and recruitment marketing teams to become closer to the company’s corporate communications and marketing teams, to become a united front in any and all branding and messaging. 


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Talent acquisition and recruitment teams, strategies and challenges are changing due to COVID-19, and we need to be aware of the current impact so that we can plan ahead for the future. 


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