Employer Brand Media Examples

Employee-generated videos are valuable to incorporate into your recruitment and employer branding strategies.

Guide to Employee-Generated Content

There’s been a growth in the creation of employee-generated content (EGC), learn why it's beneficial to add to recruitment strategies. 

Video for Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding

Know the benefits of adding videos to your recruitment and employer branding strategies.

Maintaining a Human Touch in a Virtual Recruiting World: How to Use Video in Recruitment [WEBINAR]

Join us, ADP, Amgen, and Altru to discuss video in recruitment.

Introduction to Recruitment Videos

Learn what is a recruiting video and how to use them in talent acquisition.

Best Practices for Video in Recruitment Marketing

Explore the different ways companies are using video for their recruitment marketing efforts.

Authentic Recruitment Videos

Learn how to create authentic recruitment videos to help showcase a company's employer brand.

Implementing Video Interviews

Interviews are now being conducted virtually. Here are some tips to help build a strategy.

Trying Employee-Generated Video

Employee-generated video is a great way to communicate authenticity and your EVP and employer brand to candidates. 

Communicating Employer Brand With Video

The use of video for employer brand is more important than ever. See what some companies are doing.


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