10 Creative Recruiting Ideas Outside The Box

10 Creative Recruiting Ideas Outside The Box

In case there was any doubt, recruiting isn’t what it used to be. In an age where unemployment is at its lowest in over 50 years, and some argue that the best candidates are snapped up in 10 days, recruitment professionals must shift gears and use more creative methods to attract talent. 


The Value of Creative Recruiting

In today’s job market, employees are moving between jobs at a higher rate and are more selective about the opportunities they choose to pursue, prioritizing factors such as remote work, work culture, and a positive candidate experience. According to a recent poll, nearly 40% of US workers have changed jobs in the last two years. Amid this ever-changing landscape, organizations must supplement conventional recruiting methods with innovative tactics that keep talent acquisition strategies fresh and up-to-date. 

Taking a more creative approach to recruitment – such as using alternative media channels like YouTube and text, for example – can help reach active and passive candidates alike. To find the best-fit candidates, recruitment professionals must go where the best candidates are and utilize a mix of relevant content to get their attention.

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10 Creative Recruitment Strategies to Try

According to a recent ManpowerGroup survey, 77% of employers report having difficulty finding skilled talent. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. By implementing a robust employer branding strategy, testing new channels for job advertisements, taking advantage of modern technology, and using data to drive decision-making, employers can compete for scarce talent and build a stronger talent pipeline.

Here are ten out of the box recruiting ideas that can help employers reach more candidates and yield quality applicants.


1. Make a Podcast Guest Appearance

An omnichannel approach to recruitment allows employers to reach a wider audience of potential candidates via new channels and forms of media, and podcasting is an excellent example. Employers always have the option to create their own podcast series, but appearing as a guest on another podcast requires far less time and investment, while still offering the opportunity to reach more potential candidates and increase employer brand awareness. For example, appearing as a guest on a supply chain or robotics podcast could be an excellent way to reach manufacturing talent and promote an organization’s relevant career opportunities.


2. Advertise on the Radio

Radio isn’t just for music and news. Given that more than 80% of people listen to the radio every week, it can also be an effective way to reach job seekers. Prospective candidates may be listening to traditional or satellite radio at home, at work, or during their morning commute. They might also be listening to audio streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio, that serve ads with free or low-cost memberships. These platforms offer employers an opportunity to reach a broad and captive audience. 

radio recruitment strategies


3. Get Creative With Video

Many companies already use videos on their career sites and social media platforms as part of their employer branding strategy. Videos can be a great way to humanize a brand, showcase the employee experience, and give candidates a clear picture of an organization’s values and culture. 

Some out-of-the-box ways to use video include:

  • Sending video messages to prospective candidates via LinkedIn
  • Filming employee day-in-the-life videos that help candidates envision themselves working for the company (which is great content when using TikTok for recruitment)
  • Posting recruitment videos on the company YouTube channel and using YouTube video ad placements
  • Shooting employee testimonial videos that offer a glimpse into the real-world employee experience in the company
Video can also be combined with email and text recruitment messaging, leading to higher candidate engagement. In fact, using video in email can boost click-through rates by 65% and open rates by 19%.

Tip: Video content can help recruiting teams communicate a strong employee value proposition (EVP) for prospective candidates. Recruitics offers solutions to help employers craft an EVP that embodies the organization’s true brand identity.


4. Advertise on Billboards

Renting billboard space may seem like an unlikely strategy for recruitment, but it offers multiple opportunities to boost brand awareness and can be used in conjunction with a broader geotargeting ad campaign. In addition to physical billboards like those found on roads and highways, employers can also consider utilizing digital billboards in high-population metro areas and mobile billboards on the sides of buses, trains, and cars. 


5. Pay Attention to the Comments Section on Social Media

People who leave comments on LinkedIn and other social media posts are already sending signals that they’re willing to engage. Recruiters can capitalize on this by reaching out to commenters who may be a fit for open positions, sharing relevant content, and looking for opportunities to connect, thus transforming them into potential hires. 

social media for recruitment


6. Explore Text Recruiting

Since just about everyone has a mobile phone, texting can be a great way to reach prospective candidates. Research shows candidates are already using their phones in their job search. In a recent Nexxt survey, three out of four job seekers said they used their phones in the job search process. Recruiters can use text to send job ads, invite candidates for interviews, and share company information. They can also use text to screen candidates and refer those that match company needs directly to the career site.


7. Add a Career Page Chatbot

AI-powered chatbots serve as a 24/7 answering service for a range of uses, helping companies engage with employees, customers, and candidates. In recruitment, a career page chatbot can provide information about the company hiring process, answer candidate questions about benefits, and connect them to relevant job openings. In addition to acting as an extension of a company’s recruitment function, chatbots can also support a better candidate experience by offering around-the-clock assistance and answers to common questions.

Tip: To build a seamless candidate experience, recruitment marketing professionals should employ a multi-channel employer branding strategy that includes employer branding, advertising, and technology for tracking ROI.


8. Explore Niche Job Boards and Networks

Big-name generalist job boards may not always be the best source of candidates, especially for companies seeking individuals with rare or specialized skills. An alternative is a niche job board, which may feature positions targeted to candidates according to categories such as:

  • Profession
  • Geographic location
  • Industry
  • Career level

Additionally, advertising in niche email newsletters provides another way to reach candidates with uncommon qualifications and skill sets. Though some newsletters may have a small readership, they may also offer quality over quantity, with plenty of readers that match unique profiles for hard-to-fill roles.


9. Host Hiring Events

Hosting in-person and virtual hiring events offers an excellent opportunity to engage with prospective hires while building awareness about company culture, career paths, and available opportunities. In addition to helping organizations fill multiple roles quickly, hiring events also give a single employer more time with candidates without the presence of other companies. To help kick off a successful event, talent acquisition professionals can work with a recruitment advertising partner to attract top talent to events, using best practices for omnichannel event promotion and post-event follow-up with attendees.

Also, hosting virtual career events with breakout rooms moderated by employee ambassadors is a great way for candidates to speak directly to team members and hear firsthand what it’s like to work at an organization.

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10. Revisit Old-fashioned Tactics

While it’s not wise to abandon digital recruitment solutions, it can be effective to supplement with some “old school” recruiting activities. To elaborate, generating flyers and direct mail pieces can effectively target potential candidates in a specific geographic area, for example, where a retail organization plans to open a new store.

“Old school” doesn’t have to mean “outdated.” Some ways employers can put a modern twist on traditional recruiting activities include:

  • Attending job fairs and posting short links or QR codes candidates can access with their mobile phones, featuring career content and employee testimonial videos
  • Adding new incentives to the employee referral program, such as gift cards, time off, and fun prizes
  • Upgrading the existing applicant tracking system (ATS) with a platform that provides more actionable data about the candidate journey
Tip: Concerned about candidates dropping off during the hiring process? By understanding all the candidate touchpoints through each phase of the hiring process, employers can take steps to keep candidates engaged and compete for talent more effectively.


Recruit Outside the Box For More Effective Results

Hiring in a competitive job market doesn’t always require posting jobs in more places. In fact, by continuing to stick with the same strategies and media channels, employers may simply be spending more recruitment dollars to achieve the same lackluster results. 

In an ever-changing job market where candidate preferences are evolving and employers must compete more aggressively for talent, using out of the box recruiting strategies can mean the difference between hiring much-needed talent and losing candidates to competitors. By testing some of these creative recruiting solutions, organizations can win more quality candidates and make smarter hiring decisions.

Ready to get started building a recruitment strategy that really works? Contact the Recruitics team for strategic support and tailored recruitment marketing solutions that optimize the recruiting process and attract top talent.

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