6 Examples Of Social Recruiting Using Facebook

Here are some ways that hiring managers can foster more dynamic engagement with job seekers on Facebook.

LinkedIn Creates Feature Aimed To Reduce Bias

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature to “hide names and photos” in hopes to eliminate unconscious bias from recruiters as they search for qualified candidates. 

TikTok Resumes: A Lesson In Social Recruitment Evolution

TikTok announced the launch of its new pilot program, the Resumes feature. Read more to learn about this new feature.

Why You Should Include Employer Profiles in Your Social Media Strategy

It's important to include your employer profiles into your social media recruiting strategy. Here are tips to consider when focusing on these platforms.

The Ultimate Guide To Employer Branding On Social Media

Here are some tips for best practices and factors you should consider when developing your social media strategy.

4 Ways You Can Use Facebook For Recruitment Marketing

Where do you start when it comes to using Facebook for recruitment? Let’s dive into some of your options and what makes them useful.

Why TikTok Is Becoming A Worthwhile Tool For Recruitment

Many recruiting professionals are wondering if they should learn to use TikTok for recruitment. Learn why it’s a platform to watch.

3 Things To Consider When Creating Retargeting Campaigns On Facebook

There are a few factors that go into retargeting campaigns. Here are 3 strategies you can leverage to reach different audiences through Facebook advertising. 

The Great Social Recruiting Debate: Corporate vs. Recruitment Social Media Channels

Trying to decide if your TA team should have its own social media channels? Here are a few things to consider.

How Job Seekers And Recruiters Use Social Media For Recruitment

As social media becomes a bigger driving force in recruitment, here are some important things to keep in mind.

Social Advertising Benchmarks: 5 Reasons They Are Difficult To Measure

Having a standard benchmark for ad campaigns on social media can be difficult. Learn what factors can change how you measure a campaign.

Important Updates To Facebook Employment Ads

Facebook updated their advertising policies and took major steps to protect Facebook users from discrimination. Find out what this means for Facebook targeted ads.

COVID-19 Employer Brand Messaging Examples

Here are examples of how some employers are handling messaging to candidates across their employer brand channels.

Why Automated Social Job Distribution Is A Must

When it comes to running a successful recruitment marketing strategy, social media has to be a part of the equation.

How To Make The Most Of Your Glassdoor Strategy

When starting an employer brand monitoring initiative, it's important to have an organized approach to monitoring and responding to employee reviews.

How To Build A Strong Employer Brand Presence Online With Company Profiles

Here's a list of employer profiles and some information you should consider to optimize and support your employer brand.

Glassdoor Strategy: Three Ways To Engage Your Employees

The employee perspective is the most trusted point of view, which is why reviews on company profiles are so important. 


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